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    BSP announces 1m vatu donation towards the aftermath of TC Harold

    Monday 20th April, 2020

    Bank South Pacific announced a 1million vatu donation to "Big Heart Island Vanuatu" charity for assistance towards the impacts of cyclone TC Harold recently.
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    BSP Announces Relief Package Customers Impacted by COVID-19

    Thursday 02nd April, 2020

    The Bank South Pacific (BSP) is monitoring the evolving nature of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) and is arranging relief packages to assist customers during this period.
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    Warren Bobin heads Corporate for BSP Vanuatu business

    Thursday 19th March, 2019

    BSP Vanuatu is pleased to announce the appointment of its new Head of Corporate, Warren Bobin, effective as of 17th March, 2020.
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  7. Nik-Regenvamu_Thumb

    BSP Vanuatu Announces Profit of VT186.5m

    Tuesday 10th March, 2020

    BSP Vanuatu Country Head Nik Regenvanu today announced the Vanuatu results for the full year to 31st December 2019, with net profit after tax of Vt186.5m.
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    BSP Committed to Building an inclusive workforce

    Thursday 05th March, 2020

    BSP takes great pride in the diversity of its people and is committed to building a strong and inclusive work culture in PNG and the Pacific.

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  11. Customer Notice

    Wednesday 15th January, 2020

    Banking transactions rely on technology. Sometimes we have to make systems unavailable to improve them.

  12. 2019
  13. Nik-Regenvanu

    BSP Tees Off VT175, 000 for Vanuatu Golf Open

    Tuesday 27 August, 2019

    Bank South Pacific has continued its sponsorship of VT175, 000 for the 2019 Vanuatu Golf Open for next Thursday 29th August, at the Mele Golf Country Club.

  14. 2019
  15. Certificate-of-Navara-Fund-for-BSP

    BSP continued support to the WWII Museum

    Tuesday 13 August, 2019

    The Bank of South Pacific has continued its support for the South Pacific World War II Museum project with VT300, 000 through the Museum's Navara Fund.
  16. 2019
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    BSP Supports RSE Conference

    Wednesday 17 July, 2019

    Bank South Pacific (BSP) Vanuatu is pleased to announce its support of VT175, 000 towards the staging of the Recognised Seasonal Employer (RSE) Conference.
  18. 2019
  19. Andrew-Kalsakau

    Finale playoffs for BSP Amicale Soccer Sevens Season

    Thursday 11 July, 2019

    Themed to promote respect, community unity, skills and sportsmanship, the BSP Amicale Soccer Sevens Season finally had the playoffs at the Asco Toyota Park (Ex Antoinne Rossi Field) on Saturday 6th July, after eight weeks of competition.