BSP Agents making banking more accessible in Vanuatu

Date: Friday 14th July, 2017

Bank South Pacific (BSP) Agents provide basic banking services for customers and communities that are located far away from main branches.


These agents are armed with EFTPoS devices that allow them to conduct card based account balances, request mini-statement, deposit and withdraw on account, transfer between accounts and pay others function.

One of BSP's top performing Agents, Anita Balmet signed up as a BSP Agent in 2014. The Agent is located at the Erakor Bridge area, Port Vila and serves about 400 customers in the community.

Mrs Balmet said, "As a BSP Agent, we are able to assist with basic banking requirements for customers. It saves them the time to travel into town to do their banking. They are also able to withdraw cash, enough for them to use."

She added, "Being a BSP Agent gets customers to trust my small business and this has been good."

Mrs Balmet this week had a visit from the BSP Group Chief Executive Officer (GCEO) Robin Fleming and Board Chairman, Sir Kostas Constantinou OBE who were in Vanuatu to celebrate BSP's 1 year of operation in the country.

Mr Fleming on behalf of the Board and Management of BSP thanked Anita and all the Agents established in Vanuatu for their continued trust and support in making banking accessible.

Through the community support, BSP Agents are established to serve our customers. BSP is pleased to be in the communities in which we operate in.

There are now 15 BSP Agents that can be visited in these locations; Eton - Nangus Store, Teouma Area - Moses Maraki Store, Erakor - Frank Family Store, Erakor Bridge - Anita Balmet Shop, Club Hippique - Kilson Tari Shop, Etas area - Albert Willy Shop, Mele - SNS Store, Blacksands - Mango Store, Ohlen - Rota Bule Store, Bladiniere - Erwin Taut Shop, Seaside Paama Area - Jack Timothy Shop, Freswota Area - Melanie Store & Sakarie Store, Santo - Japin Tari Store & Banmwel Store.