BSP supports Port Vila Chinese Club

Date: Wednesday August 08th, 2018

Bank South Pacific has raised its hand to support the Port Vila Chinese Club Fundraiser, with VT50,000.

Chines Club Fundraiser

The Port Vila Chinese Club has organised a Guangdong Art and Acrobatic Charity show for 2 nights to raise funds to purchase equipment needed for the Port Vila Central Hospital Maternity & Children's ward.

The charity fundraiser will be held on the 7th  and  8th of August to showcase a cultural exchange performance by the Foshan Cultural and Artistic Group from Guangdong Province, from the people of the Republic of China.

Mr. Charles Chung, Chairman of the organising committee, thanked BSP for its generous support towards this event and added, "All funds raised will go towards the Vila Central Hospital Maternity & Children's ward, which has been supported by the Port Vila Chinese Club."

"BSP's sponsorship of the event, shows the community support, and acknowledges this special event that the Port Vila Chinese Club will host," said Mr Chung

The bank would like to acknowledge the community contribution provided by Port Vila Chinese Club. The Guangdong Art and Acrobatic Charity show will be a special event as we celebrate culture and community. BSP is pleased to support this event," said BSP's Country Manager, Mr. Nik Regenvanu.

BSP's sponsorship and donations focuses on many aspects of the community such as Health, Education, Sports and Environment and professional development. It contributes over $361 Thousand (USD) across the Pacific, in the countries it operates in.